Why Choose Us? Technical Expertise and Personalized Service.

Big or small, we fix them all! From answering simple questions all the
way to removing stubborn viruses, Valcon is here to help

Here’s 8 Reasons Why to Choose Valcon for your Computer and IT Services

  1. Experience and Expertise – Rely on us to take care of ANY tech
    problem you have. We’ll get their laptops, desktops, and mobile
    devices working just like new.
  2. Affordable – Because we are a small, independent shop, we have less
    overhead and pass the savings on to you our customers.
  3. Fast – Most repairs complete in 24 hrs
  4. Personalized service – We are dedicated to providing the best
    customer service and support in the industry
  5. Weekend Hours – Computer breakdown on Saturday? No problem. We’re
    open when you need us. Call us for computer help right away.
  6. Local –  We are an independent, locally owned Bartlett Illinois
    business who cares about helping our community.
  7. Convenience – With drop off and remote services available, getting
    the repairs you need is easy.
  8. Reliable –  We stand proudly behind everything we do.

Expert computer help is just a call away!

Call Valcon at 630 855 8284 for your computer and IT needs.

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