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Did you know that 32 percent of worldwide pcs are infected by some form of malware, with viruses and Trojans being the most common types? There were approximately 27 million strains of malware created last year.  That’s 74,000 new viruses every day.

What malicious problems infect our computers? Viruses, trojans, adware, exploits, worms, back doors, spyware, malware, ransomeware.

If you don’t have up-to-date antivirus software installed on your computer, and perform regular scans chances are you’re infected. When your computer started acting up, it’s important to act fast to minimize damage viruses and malware can cause.

Got viruses? We can help!

Valcon can help you diagnose and eliminate viruses and other unwanted malicious code from your computer. We can remove these infections from your computer fast so you can have peace of mind and get back to work

Signs that you may have a virus:

  • – You are suddenly bombarded with Pop-up ads
  • – Your email is sending out unwanted messages
  • – You are locked out of your computer
  • – Your computer programs are misbehaving
  • – Your internet connection becomes very slow
  • – You are getting unexpected errors

Let us remove your Virus Fast!

No appointment needed.  Just drop off your computer. We’ll call you when it’s fixed and ready for pick up.