AuthAnvil Now Passly

Single Sign-On

Log in once using Passly two-factor authentication and use a single dashboard (“Launchpad”) to access all of your cloud applications with a single click.

Simple. Seamless. Secure.

Did you know the average employee logs into 10 applications each day? Those few seconds here and there add up to a lot of lost time. SSO helps maintain strong password procedures while also reducing password fatigue. Users benefit from more convenient, faster logins – and you maintain the security of your business systems. With SSO from Passly, your employees securely log in to their Launchpad application dashboard. From there, they can access their applications by simply clicking on an icon. Just like on a desktop or laptop with their local applications, they can rearrange and organize their apps with a simple drag and drop. This also minimizes the cost and burden on your IT department by reducing or eliminating the need for multiple password resets.